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Our Unique Outsourcing Model

Outsource Any Office Work in Any Field or Profession:

At Citadel Coworkers LLP, we empower businesses around the globe, especially SMEs, to outsource a wide array of office tasks, without being restricted by the field or profession. We have revolutionized the traditional outsourcing model, enabling our clients to hire full-time dedicated virtual employees who work exclusively for them from our state-of-the-art office in India. Our innovative approach allows for the outsourcing of tasks ranging from complex technical processes to basic back-office jobs. Our most popular outsourcing services include software programming, engineering, law, accounting, graphic design, SEO, data entry, bookkeeping, content writing, transcription, and recruitment.

How does Citadel Work

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What Do We Offer?

Dedicated Employee Model

With CCW, outsourcing means hiring your very own dedicated employee in India, mirroring the process of hiring a local employee in your country. We pioneered the Dedicated Employee Model in the outsourcing industry, focusing on a direct, one-to-one relationship between you and your virtual employee. This model ensures:

Direct assignment of tasks to your employee.

Your employee working under your guidance, adhering to your instructions and deadlines.
Supervision and monitoring of your employee’s work remotely, with the ability to provide any necessary training.
Advanced communication technology facilitating high levels of collaboration.
Your virtual employee working in sync with your specified deadlines, just like an in-house employee.

Team Model

Our Team Model is designed specifically for clients outsourcing IT and software development projects, including PHP, .Net, and Web Designing. It features:
  • A Technical Team Leader (TTL) at the helm, followed by a Senior Software Engineer (SSE).
  • Flexible hours with the entire team contributing to meet your required number of hours per day.
  • Easy scalability, allowing you to adjust the team size or hours as per your project’s needs.
  • Direct access to your team and the Technical Team Leader for seamless project management and updates.

Citadel Coworkers LLP's Role

We facilitate your outsourcing endeavors without interfering in the work process. Our support includes:
  • Hardware and Software: Provision of new Dell or HP laptops/PCs, along with essential peripherals and software.
  • Telecommunications: Availability of a local number from your home country for easy communication with your virtual employee.
  • Professional Office Environment: Our office in New Delhi NCR is fully equipped with fast internet, uninterrupted power supply, and modern amenities to ensure a productive working environment for your employee.
  • Legal and Administrative Support: We handle employment taxes, insurance, and labor laws, freeing you from these responsibilities.
  • Supervised and Professional Work Environment: Continuous monitoring and supervision by our HR executives and managers ensure that your outsourcing process is seamless and successful.
  • Technical and Customer Support: Our IT and customer support departments are available 24/7 to assist with any issues or queries.

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