Refund Policy

Contract Termination:

  • Both Citadel Coworkers and the client reserve the right to terminate the contract with a 15-day written notice. Should either party require a longer notice period, arrangements can be made provided that both parties agree to the extended timeline.

Refund Conditions:

  • Complete Refund: If the performance of your assigned employee is deemed wholly inadequate, Citadel Coworkers will issue a full refund.
  • Pro-rata Charge: If the employee’s performance is satisfactory but does not meet expected standards, charges will be applied on a pro-rata basis for the days worked. Any remaining balance will be refunded.
  • Employee Replacement: Should you be dissatisfied with the employee, Citadel Coworkers offers the option to replace the employee. Any unused funds from the original arrangement will be credited towards the replacement.

Communication of Dissatisfaction:

  • To enact any of the above measures, it is crucial that any dissatisfaction is communicated promptly, ideally within the first week of employment. Failure to communicate dissatisfaction after a reasonable period of employment may limit Citadel Coworkers’ ability to question the employee’s performance or to apply the aforementioned measures.

Notice Requirement for Long-Term Employees:

  • If an employee has been working under the contract for a substantial period without any reported dissatisfaction, terminating our services will require the stipulated notice period (15 days or 1.5 months, depending on the initial agreement).
  • This policy ensures that our commitment to client satisfaction and service quality is upheld, while also respecting the professional engagement of our employees.